As a Laker, it is important to be aware of the policies and procedures students must follow on and off campus. 

Nipissing University Policies 

A list of Nipissing University Policies can be found here

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is all about demonstrating your commitment to the academic process. It’s about being trustworthy and honest. It’s about giving credit to the researchers and writers you’ve learned from. This isn’t a subject you should avoid; you should show your commitment to academic integrity at every opportunity!

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Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

At Nipissing University, students are free to think, speak, write, create, study, learn, pursue social, cultural and other interests, and freely associate together for all these purposes, subject to the requirement that they respect the rights of members of the University and general community to pursue these same freedoms and privileges. In order to secure these rights, the University will use its best efforts to ensure the following:

1. That those who wish to teach and those who wish to learn can do so under proper conditions;

2. That academic and general facilities are available to those who wish to use them for their normal purposes;

3. That freedom of movement and freedom from harassment are protected;

4. That all property, including records, documents, and the like is protected;


5. That those who wish to file a complaint have the right to do so without fear of reprisal.

For more information about the code, you can learn more here

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education 

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education works to build awareness about sexual violence and gender-based violence on campus and make accessible support and services for those who are affected. The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator provides support to survivors, students, staff and faculty. 

If you are looking for support, please find out more information here.