Reflection Gallery, located in the NUSU Student Centre, is supported and operated by the Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU), and provides exhibition space to support and celebrate the diverse artistic, cultural, and creative works produced by Nipissing students and alumni.

In addition to the main gallery, we program temporary exhibitions throughout and around the NUSU Student Centre. The gallery functions as a social hub for the university community and as a bridge connecting the university to our broader local and regional communities.

Reflection Gallery’s mandate is:
• To exhibit and celebrate the artistic, cultural, and creative works of Nipissing students and alumni.
• To strengthen connections between Nipissing students and alumni.
• To provide Nipissing students with experiential learning and professional development
opportunities through direct participation in the gallery’s programming and operation.
• To enrich the artistic, cultural, social, educational, and intellectual experience of all Nipissing students and other members of the Nipissing University community.
• To connect the university community with our broader local and regional communities.
• To promote the work of Nipissing students to the broader public.
• To value and promote inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity.
• To promote and reflect the core values of Nipissing University and the Nipissing University Student Union.

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Why is it named the Reflection Gallery?
Located within the NUSU Student Centre, this establishment is part of a trio that celebrates the essence of its surroundings. The Bay Bistro restaurant, adorned with a sun in its logo, pays homage to the breathtaking sunsets North Bay is renowned for. Meanwhile, the On The Rocks nightclub features an ice cube within a glass, resembling a rock or mountain, symbolizing the terrain upon which the building stands. 

The significance of the Reflection Gallery is twofold. Situated within the NUSU Student Centre, if offers a picturesque view of Lake Nipissing, often reflecting the stunning sunsets on its tranquil waters. Furthermore, the term "reflection" holds profound meaning in the world of art and learning. Reflective practice is a vital tool that aids artists in developing their confidence, honing their skills, fostering self-awareness, and nurturing their artistic identity. 

Beyond this, the word "reflection" also encourages patrons to contemplate the art they encounter within its walls. It prompts individuals to ponder the medium, context, subject, intent, techniques, and the emotions it may or may not evoke. 

Intriguingly, the trio of the restaurant, nightclub, and gallery seamlessly blend the elements of air, earth, and water, whether through their logos or names.