Position Title:

Vice-President, Finance & Administration

Reports to:

Executive Committee, and ultimately the Board of Directors


Starting at $29,992.00 (may be subject to change with inflation)


Attaining a post-secondary degree

Qualifications (per NUSU By-Law):
  • A current student at Nipissing University; 
  • In good standing with Nipissing University and NUSU (per the NUSU By-Laws);
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age on the final date on which Executive Election Packages can be submitted (to be determined each Academic Year, but is normally in mid-January); 
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt; and,
  • Not be incapacitated.
Summary of Position:

The Vice-President, Finance & Administration is the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Corporation, as well as the head of the Finance & Administration Departments. Their role is primarily focused on the financial and administrative components of NUSU. This includes the construction of the annual budget, ensuring that proper accounting procedures are in place, overseeing and addressing student concerns related to the Health Plan, and any other recommendations regarding finances and the Health Plan.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The following is a list of duties and responsibilities that pertain to the role of the Vice-President, Finance & Administration. This includes, but is not limited to:

Annual Budget 
  • Responsible for developing, reviewing and creating recommendations, in conjunction with the Audit and Finance Committee, for NUSU’s annual operational budget that demonstrates financial responsibility;
  • Gathering feedback from employees and members of NUSU in order to create an annual operational budget that shall be beneficial for the needs of the student body; and,
  • Present budgets and year-to-date financial statements that are fiscally responsible for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the student body at the Annual General Meeting.
Financial Responsibility
  • Ensure that proper financial and accounting practices are utilized and implemented; 
  • Ensure that NUSU employees are financially responsible at all times;
  • Ensure that expenditures of over two-hundred dollars ($200.00) receive Executive Committee approval, unless it is not already allocated in existing budgets; 
  • Report financial decisions to the Board of Directors that have been made on behalf of the Executive Committee; 
  • Endorse all cheques and purchase orders with the President or one other Executive; 
  • Represent NUSU on the Nipissing University Board of Governors as a voting member; and,
  • Be the secondary point of contact between NUSU and legal counsel if deemed necessary.
Health & Dental Plan
  • Responsible for the management of the Student Health Plan; 
  • Ensure that all relevant information pertaining to the Student Health Plan is made readily available to the student body; 
  • Responsible for Student Health Plan fees; 
  • Promoting awareness of the Student Health Plan in collaboration with the Communications Department; and,
  • Ensure that students’ concerns are addressed in regards to the Student Health Plan with the help of the Office Administrator and the NUSU President.
  • Responsible for the implementation, acquisition and continuation of sponsorship; 
  • Primary liaison with sponsors;
  • Work in collaboration with the Services Department on event requirements and sponsorship needs; 
  • Work in collaboration with the Communications Department on promotion and advertising of sponsorship; and,
  • Ensure continued communication with sponsors is maintained throughout the term.
Food Bank
  • Oversee and raising awareness for the NUSU Student Food Bank, in conjunction with the Vice-President, Advocacy & Awareness; and,
  • Work with the Services and Communications Departments on developing fundraising initiatives for the NUSU Student Food Bank.
  • Head of the Finance Department and the Administration Department, overseeing all employees who work in either the Finance or Administration Department;
  • Ensure that all employees within the Finance & Administration Department    are fulfilling their job descriptions to the best of their ability; and,
  • Effectively and regularly communicate with members within the Department, while also meeting regularly.
  • Meet Regularly with the other Executives and staff on Financial matters; 
  • Effectively communicate and inform the rest of NUSU on all related business; 
  • Develop working relationships with various parties within Nipissing University to promote responsible, feasible financial decisions; 
  • Openly receive feedback from other members of NUSU, the Nipissing University community, and the broader North Bay community, while establishing and maintaining working relationships; 
  • Promote effective communication and collaboration between all NUSU Departments when required; 
  • Plan and develop a strategic operational plan for NUSU, both long term and short term;
  • Maintain all employee and volunteer personnel files, ensuring information is accurate and up to date with the NUSU President and other NUSU Executives; 
  • Effectively oversee and supervise the formal disciplinary process, performance evaluations, and general treatment of all volunteers and employees of NUSU;
  • Endorse all cheques and purchase orders with the member of the Executive Committee; 
  • Assist in the maintenance and creation of all job descriptions for all levels of NUSU;
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the financials which will help the Executive Committee collectively make their final decisions; and,
  • Complete any other tasks assigned by either the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee.

Terms of Office of all Executives

The Term of all Executives is one (1) year, starting on May 1 and concluding on April 30 of the following year. All Executives are required to work full-time during the Spring/Summer semester and part-time hours in the Fall and Winter semesters. They are also required to complete a minimum number of hours prior to the start of their Term (May 1). These requirements are as follows:

  • Starting May 1 and ending at the end of the week preceding Labour Day Weekend, work thirty-five (35) hours per week;
  • Starting the week after Labour Day Weekend and ending April 30, work twenty (20) hours per week between the days and hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm EST; and,
  • Starting after their successful election and before the start of their Term (May 1), work a minimum of thirty-five (35) hours with their current postion’s Executive, as well as with other members of the Executive Committee and full-time staff.
    • These hours will be tracked, approved, and paid out on a biweekly basis, in line with NUSU’s payroll schedule. 
Ideal Qualities & Expectations of all Executives

Ideal qualities for an Executive include but are not limited to: 

  • Leadership, delegation, and supervisory skills;
  • Time-management, problem-solving, and decision-making skills;
  • Communication, relation-building, and interpersonal skills; 
  • Emotional intelligence and maturity;
  • Committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusivity;
  • Highly motivated and exemplary work ethic; and,
  • Ability to commit and contribute to a co-operative work environment.

The individual shall also act with a respectful degree of professionalism, and shall strive to achieve the following:

  • Act in the best interest and in accordance with all by-laws, policies, and procedures of NUSU;
  • Prepare or assist with various reports and documentation for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee; 
  • Develop suitable Department goals, both long-term and short-term; 
  • Maintain proper financial practices and be fiscally responsible within budgetary restrictions; 
  • Maintain proper office hours; 
  • Be prepared to work outside your contracted hours, including evenings and weekends when necessary, and occasionally traveling to attend conferences and training; and,
  • Coordinate, monitor, review, enhance, and implement various strategies in order to improve the overall operation of NUSU.

Don’t meet every single role's qualities? Studies have shown that women and people of colour are less likely to apply for jobs unless they meet every single qualification. At NUSU we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive, and authentic workplace, so if you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to run anyways. You may be just the right candidate for the job! 

As part of NUSU’s commitment to accessibility, accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the application process as per the guidelines of the Accessibilities for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you wish this information in a different format, please contact hr@nusu.com.

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